Alright… the vocabulary word of the day: juxtapose.

juxtapose |ˈjəkstəˌpōz| (v.) – to place or deal with close together for contrasting effect

A juxtaposition, then, is a combination of two contrasting things for an effect.  Juxtapositions can be found endlessly in art, fashion, architecture, and literature—especially poetry and good stories.

They can even be edible!  An example—for those who might want one—could be an oreo.  Think about the contrast of texture, consistency, and flavor of chocolate cookies and vanilla filling.  They are juxtaposed for a delicious effect.

I was reflecting today on the juxtaposition on our calendar.  Yesterday and today.  Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  I-am-thankful and I-must-have-it. How wacky is this?  We say, “I’m so thankful for the blessings in my life,” and then (as a culture) we go to bed early that night so we can wake up and raid four stores before 4:00am.

This is a terrible and ironic juxtaposition—the fourth Thursday of November and the fourth Friday.

We say we’re thankful, but I wonder how Black Friday would change—not to mention our priorities, schedules, culture and world—if we actually were thankful and content?

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Bradley · November 27, 2010 at 6:02 pm

I’ve often thought simply about the difference in the spirit of each of these days. Thanksgiving is about unity while black Friday is competitive. Thanksgiving is about giving and helping while black Friday is about getting everything you can for yourself.

It also seems that Christmas is becoming much more like black Friday…

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