Back in October, Duke Divinity School hosted N.T. Wright for their Pastors’ School.  He gave two lectures while he was there.  He did not really say anything that I have not heard or read from him before—yes, I’m a nerd—but he presents it in an extraordinarily accessible way.

Gray Lecture, 11:00am (iTunes link)

Gray Lecture, 2:00pm (iTunes link)

If you’re someone who knows me and has heard me talk about Tom Wright, this may give you a good grip on why I find him so intellectually-stimulating, heart-stirring, and life-giving.

Many Christians can answer why Jesus was born or why Jesus died.  But why did Jesus live?  What was he doing in the middle parts of the Gospels? And how do the Gospels fit in with “the gospel”?  

Give the first lecture 20 minutes.

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