After figuring out how to share audio with my last post, I decided to share another.  This is a sermon that I preached on March 21 at Mosaic.  As a church, we were exploring the key events of the life of Jesus as Easter approached.  In this sermon I try to do justice to Jesus’ cleansing of the temple and cursing of the fig tree.

I suppose I’m still quite new to the whole art of proclaiming the meaning and mysteries of the universe that have been revealed in Jesus–that foolish thing called preaching.  My hope in preaching (which I suppose I could write a post about sometime) is to engage both mind and heart, to teach the Bible rather than using it as a springboard, and to see lives (including my own) transformed by its message and story.

This sermon may not be the best example of that actually happening, but it’s what I’m aiming for eventually.


You can click above to listen to the sermon. Or you can right-click

and “save as” for a direct download.

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