See The Strange: The Beauty of The Revelation 

Not available in print. Yet.

It’s a work-in-progress. But the chapters (subject to revision) are here for your reading, studying, and praying pleasure.

May you see the beauty of Father, Son, and Spirit in this most mysterious book of Scripture.

01. Divine Peekaboo
02. All-Powerful Unstoppable Jesus
03. The Seven Churches
04. Backstage of the Universe
05. An Inside Job
06. The Seven Seals
07. Six Trumpets (Jesus is not Batman)
08. Revelation’s Revelation: Eat the Scroll
09. The Fairytale That’s True
10. God’s Political Cartoon
11. Preparing Grape Music

12. Seven Bowls and the World Crucified
13. Revelation is Romance
14. “Who” More Than “How”
15. Everything New
16. Dreaming and Waking and Dreaming